[Industrial Breathing] Chapter One

Industrial Breathing
"Enduring my last breath, I will never back down."

In this world, humans are rare specimens. Only a few are said to be alive. However, in this town, the town known as 'Dream', there's a master that creates robots as a living. Now, there are machines to fill in the gaps of humanity that was once there. But a war broke out between the world, and it was then divided in twos. Two worlds, different from each other fight till the death, and only one master shall rule both kingdoms. There shall only be one master, and two kingdoms. Who will survive? And who will die in pure solitary?

Chapter One

Scanning through the murky air, a scent of a faded smoke from fire filled in the blacks of the aroma. My eyes stung me, bringing myself to tears—but I wouldn't let them fall. Not yet, I promised. I coughed lightly, readying myself in a combat position. Drops of rain fell to the ground, as puddles reflected the sky covered in shiny stars. They were like glitters, twinkling down at me, and the moon that said much more than just sunlight radiating down at the poor, run-down town.

I gripped onto the dagger with my right hand, and the left arm guarded my face as a radiant of light flashed down towards my face. As my eyes were being blinded by a ray coming forth, I backed away. I'm in an alleyway; lost of words to say. I couldn't run to my right or my left. Bricks surrounded me, and eventually, I'd come to a stop. - A dead-end. Then that'll be the end for me if I didn’t leave soon. I looked up as fast as I could, taking a quick glance of the premises above me. Then, I looked around, jerking my head this way, then that.

The vehicle came to a stop; headlights still on me. The door shifted above, like a flash car that only rich people could afford. A metal-like foot stepped out, making a 'clang' as it hit the solid ground. Waters splashed, but made no affect towards the left leg of a robot.

My eyes squinted from the bright lucent headlight beaming towards my eyes. I wanted to grasp for air as much as I needed to escape from a nightmare that was chasing me down like a wild panther chasing its prey.

I readied myself to throw my dagger at whoever the person might’ve been in the car. But as the creature stepped out of the vehicle, a full figure of a tall built male stood heroically on the opposite end of where I paused. My mind rummaged through, questioning as to whether the figure was really a robot at all, but a lowly human-being, trying to survive and build up the existence of our own specimens within the corrupted society.

The male slid his other hand of the vehicle, revealing a shotgun in the grip of his hands. My heart dropped as my brain sent messages saying that my life was beginning to end. I was certain that one powerful shot was going to send me straight to hell. My hopes were definitely low, and my life was about to end. Oh, how I’d miss my delicate life trying to save the person I’d miss most, I thought to myself.

“Oi ,you!” I heard a deep voice call out to me. He mentioned a name right after. Not just a name, but a particular name—my name. “You’re Lilith, right?”

I removed my arm away from my eyes, and in the small distance, the man with the humanistic legs stepped in front of me, sheltering my head from the blinding light. I was beginning to lose my senses after staring too long into the generated headlights of a flashy car.

“Yes…?” I replied in a shudder. My thoughts ran nowhere until the man spoke softly in front of me, face to face. His hands reached my wrist with a firm grip. I lowered my head down, eyeing his hand on my wrist, then onto the shotgun.

“I’m here to rescue you.” 

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