Industrial Breathing

Industrial Breathing ☆⇠
Genres: Action, Fantasy, Adventure, Romance

Chapter One - Savoir
Chapter Two - Dream Headquarters
Chapter Three - Beginning of Our Bond
Chapter Four - Trust Advancement
Chapter Five - Safe House


Industrial Breathing
"Enduring my last breath, I will never back down."

In this world, humans are rare specimens. Only a few are said to be alive. However, in this town, the town known as 'Dream', there's a master that creates robots as a living. Now, there are machines to fill in the gaps of humanity that was once there. But a war broke out between the world, and it was then divided in twos. Two worlds, different from each other fight till the death, and only one master shall rule both kingdoms. There shall only be one master, and two kingdoms. Who will survive? And who will die in pure solitary?

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